There are occasions when Apple's App Retailer overview strategy of the late omit the purpose completely. In a similar way with the app "Cydia", which opened simply within the App Retailer to search out. For $zero.ninety nine that you could purchase an app icon with just about the identical brown because the Cydia jailbreak software. "Cydia is now within the App Retailer!" Welcomes the app developer. "Faux" and "Don’t set up" name on the App Retailer reviewers. The app has clearly no longer what it guarantees. 

There is only one way to get Cydia on the iPhone and that is free, by jailbreaking. But there will undoubtedly be people kicking. Our advice: just ignore it and not buy to see if it is. The app is already evident since June 6 in the App Store there and got an update tonight. Apple approves such an application is quite absurd, because the name of this jailbreak app is well known. 

Saurik’s review and warning:


It also makes clear that when Apple approve apps do not even filter out terms like 'jailbreak' and 'cydia'. And even if such an app is discovered and several blogs about writing , Apple has often a few days to correct the error. Interim practice developer 'Top 100 Games' so a little fill his bank account.

Download (or not): Cydia ($0.99)

Tip : Still bought? Such miskopen you to Apple refund requestYou'll get your money back, since the app does not do what he promises. This app 'Cydia' you that even from the app yourself. In the first few times demand a refund does Apple not difficult.


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