Apple to make a huge sale with the iPhone 4S


As we talked about a couple of minutes, the iPhone 4S must be an enormous success for AppleIf the report selection of pre-orders (1 million units in just 24 hours) seems to give us reason Apple is not the only thing that justifies the health of the smartphone market from Apple. The second criterion is the cost production of the iPhone 4S. And then the surprise is even greater.


Last week, UBM TechInsights predicted a bill for $203 for the iPhone 4S, but according to Chris Whitmore, Deutsche Bank, the new Apple smartphone would much less expensive to build … The analyst believes that it  would cost the new smartphone Apple $ 170 for the 16GB version and $ 220 for the 32GB model . This difference is explained largely by the cost of onboard memory , the most expensive component. As usual, 
the cost in research and development is not on the menu from those estimates.

Thus, in light of forecasts of Chris Whitmore, and if one considers only the cost of one component, the margin for Apple on iPhone 4S is simply enormous: from 71 to 73% against 38% on iPod touch!


But that's not all, because it seems that a larger grant from the operators is implementation:the 16GB model would be subsidized to the tune of $450 , when all other smartphone merely $ 350 average. It seems that Apple has succeeded with its small market operators, since the high subsidy allows Apple to offer iPhone 4S from $199, where the Galaxy S II is offered at $229 and the Thunderbolt HTC to $249.

Apple and drives the point, since in view of low manufacturing cost of the iPhone 4S, a cell phone makes it more accessible to a proposed rate still high, but did not cost him dearly!Needless to say that there is price, consumers should rush on this iPhone rather than the more expensive competitors models. This is also the case, evidenced by the 1 million pre-orders listed above!


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