These are rumors which speculates that Apple analyst Mark Moskowitz, based on various discussions with various specialists which speaks of the usual family “s” of the firm could not come into existence in the next iPhone 7.

Moskowitz expected even more that the iPhone sales this year would increase by 2.6 percent. Now he has revised its forecast downward: in 2016 Moskowitz sees a drop in sales by 1.8 percent compared to last year ahead. The reason: His Search in subcontracting circles revealed that Apple’s iPhone 7 bring with sufficiently interesting design changes. He expected only a few minor improvements and faster hardware.

More specifically these rumors point to the fact that the iPhone could be called directly 7s iPhone 8, so that in this case obviously “s” family would be omitted. One of the main reasons for this “leap” may be because, as a rule, the firm bite of the apple usually incorporate slight improvements in terminal “s” with respect to its predecessor, however this does not happen to the successor iPhone 7. According to various reports that have been presented over the past few months, Apple’s phone which will be released after the iPhone to be launched this year, will have very significant improvements.

One of the great innovations that are expected to incorporate smartphone company in 2017 will be the wireless charging system, which could be a major breakthrough in this market. On the other hand, another point that has already spoken several times would be the use of OLED screens instead of the usual LCD has used the firm as a front terminals. Also the new iPhone 8 could be developed with two other major changes in its casing, and these would refer to both the disappearance of the usual Start button on these terminals and the headphone jack of 3.5 mm.

Thanks to all these changes, it is expected that the growth of future iPhone units 2017 ronde 10.3% compared to 6.3% in the current year. All these reasons justify largely eliminating iPhone 7s to go directly to the “expected” by the brand lovers, iPhone 8.

Delved into this subject, it should be noted that the wireless charging system, which are already working other handset manufacturers, would provide a number of advantages to the user. In fact it is expected that with the arrival of these new systems to smartphones, the same happens in other devices such as laptops, for example.

At the moment we have to wait to launch, it is expected that although surprises in terms of innovations in these, at least in principle, are not too rosy after the summer, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

(Source: Fortune)

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