Apple to offer mobile service, expert says


All the way through a presentation for cell operators in Barcelona, ​​telecom strategist Whitey Bluestein said that Apple soon as mobile operator active.The service will focus on iOS users, says Bluestein
 . The biggest barrier that Apple currently holds back the subsidies that operators pay now so that customers can buy a phone at a discount. Apple was planning to offer a complete mobile subscription with bells, data and roaming.

These subscriptions were sold directly to consumers can be. Steve Jobs once said that he "wanted to replace operators' and also patents shows that Apple is interested.

Activating the subscription is from the iTunes Store. Apple has rolled out an ecosystem before that, 250 million iTunes accounts a credit card is linked to. A distribution is also there, through the Apple Stores. There would be an a la carte system, as an alternative to your current services provider. Also, Apple iPad deliver data bund
The analyst expects that Google will follow the example of Apple, Google tablets where consumers can buy with data collection. Google has played a disadvantage, because Google Wallet is not as widespread as the iTunes payment system.

It is easy to the claims of any one analyst or strategist 'off as duimzuigerij but Bluestein did his claims for a public well informed of developments in the market: an international group with leaders of the largest mobile providers. They met in the MVNO Industry Summit in Barcelona.Bluestein was in the past involved in strategic deals on AT&T, Intel, T-Mobile, Verizon, Microsoft, Nokia and Best Buy.

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