Apple may be planning to open in the United Arab Emirates, the wolrd’s largest store  located in Dubai Mall. The first Apple Store in the UAE would be located in a huge shopping center in Dubai.

The international presence of the apple company continues to expand its borders and now it seems they have put the focus on the UAE, one of the world’s richest countries. A few days ago, we have seen how the company would be starting to offer jobs in the country, a sign that Apple is preparing to land in unexplored lands.

However, it seems that Apple’s bid for the UAE will be very strong because they plan to build Apple Store could become the world’s largest. This information was disclosed by Edgar, a popular lifestyle magazine in the Middle East has quoted a “whistleblower”, which would have revealed that the Apple Store in the UAE will be the world’s largest.

In addition, the source also cited the place in which this new Apple temple would be located, neither more nor less than the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, one of the most impressive shopping centers worldwide. Apparently, the Apple store would replace a giant cinema complex which is currently unused.

If true this information, it would be the first official Apple Store apple company in the Gulf, a country that is ranked No. 19 on the list of world’s richest countries. Furthermore, the type of tourism that frequents this place is characterized by high purchasing power and pay a large amount of money on luxury goods. It certainly seems an excellent place to locate a Apple Store site.

The Emirates Mall has over 700 stores, more than 80 well-known brands and a 5 stars. If you want to learn more about the Mall of the Emirates, you must know that has over 700 stores, more than 80 prestigious brands, a 5 star and the first indoor ski slope in the Middle East with more than 1,200 m run.

Finally, based on the information provided, the world’s largest Apple Store could open its doors by February next year.

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