Apple To Ship 2018 iPhones With Fast Charging-Capable Adapters


fastcharge  When Apple decided to switch from conventional USB to USB-C three years ago,  it seemed that the bet was unstoppable, and this has been the case in the range of computers, but not on mobile devices.

This seems to end this year, since according to some information from Apple’s supply chain, the company would be thinking of including a USB-C charger and a USB-C cable to Lightning in your next iPhone and iPad models.

Apple introduced the fast charge with the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. The possibility of recharging the battery of your device up to 50% with only 30 minutes of recharge is to use a suitable charger, with USB-C and a cable original USB-C to Lightning. For this it is necessary to buy both products, since neither one or the other accessory is included with the iPhone. The most expensive accessory is the charger, since the original Apple costs $69, but we can always buy other more affordable models on Amazon or from other manufacturers. If we have an original MacBook or MacBook Pro charger we will have the charger, but we will still need the USB-C to Lightning cable, which only Apple sells and which has a price of $35 in its cheapest model.

fast-chargerThis situation could change next year when Apple includes an 18W USB-C charger, enough for fast charging of the iPhone and iPad, with a USB-C to Lightning cable. The current charger for iPhone is 5W and the iPad is 12W. With this new charger and cable the iPhone would recharge up to 50% in just 30 minutes and 80% in an hour, a huge advantage when we are in a hurry and need our recharged device. It is a function that takes time in models of medium-high range in Android, and in many cases already included in their boxes when buying them.

fastcharging In addition to gaining time in recharging the terminal, those of us who have a laptop with USB-C can finally recharge our devices without having to use adapters or buy extra cables. It’s not much to ask, is it?

(Source: Weibo)

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