Apple to pay $80 in addition to defective iPhone 5 Sleep / Wake power button program


iPhone-defectApple has launched a program to replace the failed Power button in the iPhone 5 . The announcement appeared on the official website in the section Support . According to internal documents Apple, users who decide to exchange defective smartphones with the specified program trade in, can get an extra $80 to the cost of the device.

To replace the button, you need to contact your Apple retailer. Before that, you first need to back up data on the device , disable ” Find iPhone», delete all content and remove the cover from your smartphone .

The program applies to smartphones running stable versions of iOS iOS 6 and 7 . Renovated device you want to update to iOS 7 , the report said Apple.

According to the official statement of Apple, in some models of the iPhone 5 released until March 2013 , discovered a problem with the power button . In this regard, the company launched the program «iPhone 5 Sleep / Wake Button Replacement Program», in which it undertakes to replace the free press in the event of any problems with it . Moreover, this applies even to machines, complimentary one-year warranty which is already over .

Program for a free replacement power button operates in all regions of the world. In those countries where the service is launched , under which can be purchased to replace the old model of the latest generation of iPhone , the owners of “fives” will receive the defective smartphone for an additional $ 80 . Trade in program is currently in effect in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany and France. In the U.S., the iPhone 5 with a broken Power button can fetch up to $ 350 in Canada – to $ 370.

Recall , in order to determine whether the your iPhone 5 under the program is sufficient to indicate the serial number on a special page on the site Apple. For a free replacement of the power button of the iPhone 5 can refer to any official partner of the company.

If the iPhone has other damage, such as cracked screen , the user will first need to repair the unit for a fee , and then replace the free press . More information about the program «iPhone 5 Sleep / Wake Button Replacement Program can be found on this page .

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