overview_hero2New rumors come to light regarding the “5k Thunderbolt Display” scheduled to released by Apple. The rumors concern a new version of the computer, which carries news without being officially since 2011, when the current version was introduced.

The current version of the product is an issue that today turns out to be very old, so the time has happened bills and makes remaining in shame before other brand products as the new generation of MacBook Pro and iMac.

Rumors come through reduced inventory Thunderbolt Display, inducing this could mean the reappearance of it in the nearest Keynote.

The 27-inch monitor of the company would be renewed with outstanding features to give a considerable boost to the new model is expected to be presented in the coming days. Topping the list is a density of 5200 x 2800 pixels, equivalent to the quality of 5K, followed by an expected USB connection type C, and even the inclusion of a GPU (graphics card) in the corresponding own edition.

The integrated of Apple’ Thunderbolt Display graphics card is not unreasonable, because thanks to a feature like this would be possible, teams performing below to support this capability screen resolution such as the 12-inch MacBook, capable of projecting a pixel density equal to 5K in the probable new monitor. The role of the new Thunderbolt would be essential to make this possible because with the Mac assiduously decreasing their sizes, including new and better it becomes increasingly difficult for Apple engineered graphics cards.

It should be noted that currently only the 2013 Mac Pro, the 2014 iMac screen Retina 5K and 2015 MacBook Pro supported natively this resolution capability, and that’s where act the new Thunderbolt, ensuring that more products receive this feature.

The screen display is planned for WWDC, which have already been sent invitations to relevant media, but would not be put up for sale until days after the presentation.

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