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According to John Paczkowski, Apple would have expected at the next keynote on September 9 during which it will present its iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus, its new Apple TV and a new iPad.

Information for John may be taken very seriously because he never knows deceived – and its sources are within the firm at the apple.

September 9 is a Wednesday while Apple has accustomed us that the keynote takes place on a Tuesday. Why such a change, we have no idea but lately Apple has also shifted the outputs of the beta versions of iOS and OS X. As such, the date is irrelevant – the main announcements that will be made there.

In addition to the iPhone 6S, Apple should normally unveil its new Apple TV which would have a new A8 processor, a touchscreen remote control, the Siri support and decision support applications. There could also be changes in content although Apple is facing some reluctance by the cable operators. We should learn a little more about the subject in due course.

Furthermore ,, he said that a new iPad would be part of but not visibly iPad Pro 12.9 inch long in the rumors. Presumably, a new mini iPad 4 or iPad 3 would be valid Air …

Regarding iPhone 6C, too for a while in the rumors, nothing is sure yet though sources say output this year, while others do not. Again, the event will be the keynote of the year when Apple will unveiled its new products.


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