iPhone-SE-family-backGood news for lovers of the little iPhone SE: a rumor suggests that Apple plans to present a new edition of iPhone SE next month. Although this is a somewhat unusual date for Apple , the company might not introduce a new iPhone SE in 2017. That is the prediction of analyst Pan Jiutang. According to the market view of the same, Apple would not renew the smallest of their iPhones, which stands out especially for having a four-inch screen. This forecast is in line with some of the rumors leaked on the Net over the last few months, so Cupertino is only expected to announce the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 during the last installment of this year.

Last March was when it touched an upgrade to the Apple 4-inch model but did not arrive, so it is practically impossible that in the remainder of the year is modified or added some improvement to the device. We also have to take into account that we are facing the most interesting option for those users who do not want the screen or the size of 4.7 or 5.5 inches of other models.

According to statements by Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang, Apple is not expected to upgrade its smaller phone. Despite this, this iPhone SE will receive the version of iOS 11 like the rest of compatible models and is that it is a device with small chassis but with a really powerful interior. Its A9 chip with 64-bit architecture along with the integrated M9 motion co-processor make this device a really powerful machine for a price ranging from €399 32GB model and €489 128GB model. The 12-megapixel camera does not stay behind in front of the other models so it seems quite clear that Apple will not update it this year.

The main arguments seem to focus on Apple’s strategy. The same part of the iPhone 8, which will create a new line of design in the manufacturer’s catalog and which has as an argument the elimination of the bezels of the screen. In this way, it is possible to introduce a larger screen into a smaller housing. Thus, this design opens the way to more compact equipment, without giving up a screen of generous proportions, something that happened in a notorious and opposite way in the iPhone SE. It was a very compact model, but in exchange for offering a certainly tiny screen compared to the alternatives of the current smartphone market.

So, to the strong rumors that point to the disappearance of the iPhone SE, we now have to add the prediction of the analyst, who already adds some other similar predictions during the last years, a factor that increases the probability that the information is Confirmed in the coming months.

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