Apple to provide iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c screen replacements for $149


ligxtlgcnpv2ximo-hugeFrom now on, Apple will repair the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in retail stores , according to 9to5Mac , citing its own sources . According to the publication , the Apple Store users of devices with damaged screens will be able to recover the device by specialists Apple. As a result, companies no longer have to produce a complete replacement of the devices.

If the buyer is brought before the Apple Store a broken iPhone or iPad, it immediately changed to a new one. All defective smart phones , iPods and other gadgets centrally sent to repair , and then sold at a discount and marked «refurbished». Now experts from the Department of Genius will be to repair and return the new iPhone customers the same device .

According to 9to5Mac, Apple store employees will be able to replace a broken iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c touch displays . The operation will cost $ 149. Although the price is much higher than the fee for the relevant components for smart phones, which cost about $95 , the price offered by Apple for repair may be a problem for non-authorized repair service . For example , the cost of similar services from well-known company iFixit is $199 . And in Russia, the restoration of broken iPhone show would price 1.5-2 occasions costlier.

As well as, Apple retail outlets will trade the quantity buttons , vibro motors , cameras and audio system iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. If correctly AppleCare guarantee products and services for a lot of substitute elements can be for free.

Recollect in June, Apple has licensed numerous adjustments to the foundations of provider for the iPhone 5 with broken displays. Repairing damaged good telephones have develop into specialists of ” fruit ” of the corporate right away to shops. Carrier offers subscribers with AppleCare, in addition to common customers .

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