Apple to reduce the price Beats Music subscription



We have already reported that Apple plans to combine Beats Music streaming service with iTunes, but all that remained at the level of speculation. One of them, by the way, said that Apple will close the project altogether, depriving subscribers the possibility to use a familiar product. Today came another news that should cheer those for whom Beats Music part of life. Apple is negotiating with music labels about reducing subscription prices for existing customers up to $5 per month.

Subscribers pay the iTunes service for the year $ 60, which is $ 5 per month. Therefore, if the price of Beats Music to fall to the same price – it would be logical.

– Apple representative

Any reduction in the price of music Apple products will lead to an automatic request about a similar decrease in the price of services Beats Music, and music labels may simply not agree to these terms. According to the resource Re / code, Apple has a much better chance to approve the price of the streaming service previously acquired at $7 – $8.

Negotiations are continuing, said Re / code, and Apple hopes to twist the arm of the labels through a key argument: the most adept of iTunes users buy on average for $ 60 music per year, or … $ 5 per month. If the subscription to Music Beats down to this price level, streaming generate the same amount of income that the download for the music industry. Especially at $ 5 per month and supported by the firepower of Apple’s marketing and Beats, the potential market would be particularly interesting for the record …

It is however not clear that the music industry, which is just to the idea of ​​streaming (and limited income after all these services generate), agreed to halve the price of premium packages, especially for the beautiful eyes of Apple. Apple could still get, with a few concessions, a decrease of one or two dollars. This would in any case a nice ad for the “reboot” of the streaming service more or less programmed to February.[via Re/code]

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