Apple to Reinvent Packing that double as iPhone/iPad dock stand


iphone dock stand-1

In one of the chapters of Inside Apple, the book describes a secret laboratory design of packaging, which is testing hundreds of different packaging options for all product lines, “fruit” of the company. The Cupertino manufacturer is very sensitive to this aspect of the sales of their products.

The new Apple  patent was released today by the Bureau of Patent and Trademark United States, suggests that in future models of the iPhone and iPad package will serve as a docking station to charge and sync your device with your computer. The paper describes a special design cases for smartphones, which keeps the machine upright.

It is not only desirable from an economic point of view, but also saves the buyer from the iPhone and iPad need to order a special dock. I must say that this innovation is unlikely to surprise those familiar with the approaches to the creation of Apple products. After all, for the company from Cupertino is important even in a reaction time of unpacking.

For the benefit of that, in the future Apple will launch a multi-functional packaging is the fact that the company refused to produce proprietary docking stations for iPhone 5, however supplied their very own fashions for earlier variations of the telephone.

The best way to flip the package deal for iPad mini within the dock along with his palms:

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