It seems that Apple is taking seriously everything related to sound. Although it is not surprising: AirPods are one of the most successful teams they are collecting in recent years. And as popular analyst Min-Chi Kuo predicts: Apple is working to bring a ‘high-end over-ear’ wireless headset in the market.

If you are a music lover, you will know that it is not the same to enjoy it with in-ear headphones as it is the case of AirPods to do it with a headset. Although it seems that Apple would release a new version of the AirPods this year that could withstand water, in addition to charging wirelessly, according to Min-Chi Kuo, an inexhaustible source of rumors, the Cupertino are also working on their own headset with a design different from what Beats models offer.

Also, the analyst has left a mystery, as he says that these future diadem headphones would have a “totally new design” to what can be found in the market – touch controls? Any integrated screen? Of course, indisputably bet for a superior sound quality and therefore, a higher price to AirPods.

It is expected that these headphones are wireless – it is not known if it will also be possible to do it through cable, as some models of the market. While it also remains in the air what kind of processor will be used inside – surely do not repeat the W1 AirPods-.

What we do know is that the user can summon Siri from them; is something that is very present in the future of Apple and with the improvements received in recent months is clear movement. Finally, the analyst predicts that shipments of AirPods will increase this year 2018. Moreover, he says that these will grow and will be between 24 and 26 million units this year. What would  you like to see in a new Apple headset?

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