Apple to Release a Software Update for iOS 5 battery life issues


Apple will quickly unencumber a tool replace to resolve the battery existence considerations in iOS 5This allowed the company to know tonight in an official response to AllThingsD . According to Apple iOS 5 contains some software problems that cause the battery life of "some iPhone users" do not meet expectations.The update would be released within weeks, according to Apple.

4S (1)

Previously, Apple had also help iPhone 4S users  with the battery problems, after the official launch of the iPhone 4S emerged. "A small percentage of our customers reported a battery life of 5-IOS devices that lower than expected," said Apple in the statement. "We have found some bugs which affect the batt
ery life and will in a few weeks to get a software update to remedy them."

Initially appeared only 4S iPhone devices by the bug (s) affected, but the statement that Apple is clearly the problem is related to iOS 5 in general. Apple did not comment further on the nature of the problem, but it seems that the problems caused by the location services running in the background. Other causes mentioned were the time zone detection and Bluetooth.

Apple tonight developers already have a beta version of iOS 5.0.1 next to the battery problem also fixes some other problems with documents in the cloud and speech recognition to dictate in the Australian as well as improvements in security. Also get the original iPhone support multitasking gestures, the iPad 2 had this function before the advent of iOS 5.

iOS 5.0.1 also introduces a new way for developers to specify which files on the device to be kept, even when there is little capacity left. Developer Marco Arment of Instapaper discovered that in iOS 5 is no possibility to store files that are not deleted or backed up should be. In IOS versions prior to iOS 5 many developers use the folders "caches" or "tmp" as temporary storage, the file because it ignores more directories. In May clears the IOS file these folders if there is not enough storage is over. IOS 5.0.1 Apple runs this change back.

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