Apple on Tuesday unveiled the official date of September 17 to download iOS 8 firmware along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus . New features of the operating system were disclosed during the WWDC developer event  back in June. However, it is worth reviewing some of the key features that make this generation operating system into something different from iOS in August.


  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6
  • Fifth Generation iPod Touch (launched in May last 2013 version)
  • iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Mini with Retina display


Although Android has something with the same name for several versions of its platform, the functions are not similar. With iOS 8 widgets allow users to do more without having to unlock the phone, then the notification in Notification Center allow you to answer, see more details and invitations to events without having to enter the applications.

Widgets are features that come to the iPhone, iPod and iPad, though tablets will offer more features, as they show a side bar and display tab.

Developers can take advantage of these widgets to make their applications compatible with function. Meanwhile, only a few native applications developed by Apple and can use them.

During the WWDC, Apple revealed HealthKit a service to store health information and activity generated by the user and stored on smart watches and bracelets but that will be displayed in a centralized application.

HomeKit also announced a developer tool that allows them to make a device with iOS 8, ​​the total control of smart home. With HomeKit, users can control their lights, cameras, thermostats and any intelligent device from home.
New buttons in iOS eight

With iOS 8 Apple improved its application to send SMS messages and free messages between iOS devices and OS X. That’s why we now can send voice messages, share location and send videos, all without leaving the application. With this new release, Apple takes the key features of apps like WhatsApp and gives more strength to his native messaging application.

Apple also improved the way you write with your keyboard: there is now a predictive mode to suggest some words that can go in the draft text. The keyboard even recognizes the recipient or if you are in the Mail app or messages. The suggested words will change tone depending on the person who writes it and the app from which you write.

Share content between family

With 8 now iOS users can share the same iTunes account to download the purchased content in iBooks and the App Store. With these permissions, Apple allows users to download the same family up to six different accounts in the same song, book, movie or application.

Similarly, to have the information from relatives in one place, it will be easier to share albums between family members.

Cloud Storage

Apple also announced iCloud Drive as one of the key features of iOS 8 Now users can store any kind of file in the cloud –News Apple Keynote, Pages documents or spreadsheets and access Numbers– them from a device with iOS, OS X (Mac) or PC.


Connectivity between iOS and OS X

With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite date,  there is still no integration between mobile devices and Mac computers than ever before. Users can now see iOS notifications received from his Mac screen. Even can answer a call at your computer.
You can also create messages or emails on one platform and continue it on another. The same goes for text messages (SMS), regardless of whether they are sent to a phone. If your iPhone or iPad can become a hotspot and share the Internet with a Mac, from the AirPort menu can detect the network and immediately make the connection.

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