Apple to release 4K Ultra HD TV



DigiTimes once again made headlines. This time it’s the much sought-after iTV.

The newspaper, with a mixed track record to date, is particularly well known for the nearby sources of supply. One of which has now revealed that Apple is working on a “4K Ultra HD” televisions carrying the resolution of 3840 x 2160. The iTV may be – not surprisingly – to connect to the Internet and supports gestures and voice control. The presentation of the unit is scheduled for late 2013 or early 2014.

However, there is, according to the source, the display problems with suppliers. While the U.S. has led the Group “for some time” talking with Foxconn, but you need a “more responsible” suppliers. Companies that are eligible are often already passed through major contracts in China to capacity. 4K displays that have a four times better resolution than HD screens coming, only now really rolling. In their own ranks, however, the supplier company with iPhone, iPad and iPad mini screen production are struggling. So Apple remains only as a possible manufacturer LG. There could begin production in autumn 2013. (via MacRumors)

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