It is not the first time that Apple has an internal document circulating in which they have announced to official retail Apple stores employees and suppliers that the scarce stock of spare parts for a watch model makes the user Take a watch from a higher version home.

In this case is the possible repairs for the Apple Watch Series 3, a really recent model and we wonder that Apple runs out of stock of some components of the team, but it is. For now, it is unknown what may be the reason why Apple decided to change a Series 3 for a Series 4 although this is happening today in some of its stores.

The concrete model is the Apple Watch Series 3 stainless steel
All Apple Watch Series 3 does not benefit from this change and only stainless steel models that have cellular connectivity and integrated GPS would be involved in this type of change. Apple suggests employees replace the faulty unit to an Apple Watch Series 4 model with the same features, cellular connectivity, and GPS.

Obviously, the main beneficiary is the user who takes a much more current model for the same price and without having to pay anything in return.

If you have an Apple Watch Series 3 stainless steel with a problem do not hesitate and ask for an appointment in an App Store or authorized service to see if you can benefit from this change.

Before this something similar happened with users of Series 1 and Apple replaced them for series 2, something that happens frequently due to a supply shortage of the watches.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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