Apple to Roll Out iPhones With Iris Sensors in 2018



Samsung will be one of the first manufacturers (Fujitsu, for example, has already launched one before) to include an iris scanner at one of its smartphones. It will do this year and the chosen device is the Galaxy Note 7. Two years later, according to information published on DigiTimes, in 2018 becoming the first iPhone with iris scanner, something much safer than the fingerprint reader but also has drawbacks.

DigiTimes has a mixed success rate, so it may well not hit this time as it has not successful in many of its predictions. Personally I do not see Apple launching an iPhone with a recognition system that puts us the most difficult things, and as shown by a personal experience: I usually go with the bike and put my iPhone on the handlebars. If I want to unlock the iPhone, I can do with footprint without problems, as long as the case is consistent with this possibility. If I had a iris scanner would have to face him and at a certain distance, so I could not unlock it.

Moreover, we think that if the iris recognition fails we can use the fingerprint, but in that case it would be pointless to protect the phone with our iris; anyone who would like to skip this check should only put your eye and wait out the next level, that is, the fingerprint reader.

It is also important to mention that, having to collect an image, this system would have problems in low light conditions, something that could be solved either by increasing the brightness of the screen during recognition. But if, for example, we want to take a look from the bed, half asleep, I do not feel as comfortable in the world.

In any case, as mentioned above, this prediction has made a medium with a percentage of mixed success, who said that Apple will step in two years. The Cupertino company is not famous for being the first to launch something, if not for being the first to do something that will work and be useful, as it did with the fingerprint sensor, touch screens, smart watches and probably do with cameras dual. In addition, you will have two years to see what problems are the Note 7 and its successors. We must wait to see if they launch an iPhone with iris scanner and if it works smoothly.

(source: Digitimes)

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