Misfit actions Shine Tracker was once a project on Indiegogo  late last year. Along with the increasing popularity of running as a “city” of the sport is growing and the number of digital devices designed specifically for training. Shine – one of the most interesting models in the series of sports trackers.

Shine Production began in the spring of this year, after the project has collected nearly $850,000 on  Indiegogo. Novelty is a round medallion that can be attached to clothing or wear on the body. The list of quality accessories, made from high-strength aircraft aluminum – completely waterproof, shock resistance, and up to six months of battery life from the batteries.

One of the fundamental differences gadget – tep sensor with an indicator that shows your current level of activity. All other information (Shine is able to keep track of the distance covered with the calculation of the three sports: swimming, running and cycling) will be available online and in a mobile application for iPhone and Android-devices.



Among other “chips” gadget – unique for such type of communication devices with the iPhone, not to disclose the producers as to which online debate. For synchronization is required only to put the medallion on the screen of the iPhone that is running.

In the United States and some other countries you can now buy the Misfit Shine, European Apple Stores will put it on the shelves in September.

The fact that Misfit Shine makers chose to release its products just for the Apple Store is probably not surprising: it appeared that the device is initially in limited this year to iOS users . The Misfit Shine is an activity of the size of a node, which tells how much you move exactly one day.

The Misfit Shine is an initiative of Sonny Wu, who started on the project along with former Apple CEO John Sculley. To what extent Sculley still involved in the project remains to be seen, it’s not on the team page professional site

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