All the iPhone will be manufactured with OLED panels, reported today by the Wall Street Journal.

In 2020, all new iPhone released by Apple would be mounted with OLED screens, which allow greater flexibility in terms of design and different benefits for users.

It is also unclear whether in 2019 we will have three iPhone models, so in 2020 we do not even talk … In any case, the important thing in this news is that we already saw rumors of Japan Display in which it is said that they are preparing for the moment in which Apple -which is its biggest customer of LCD screens- decides to leave aside this type of panels for the new iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that because of this choice, the Apple LCD displays supplier Japan Display supplier is preparing an emergency plan for when the company will switch to OLED displays in 2020. Japan Display, in fact, produces most of the LCD screens currently used on the iPhone XR and is now planning to invest in the acquisition of other companies to start production of OLED panels and not lose a customer like Apple. The reason? More than half of Japan Display’s revenue comes from Apple.

Among the OLED screen providers, Samsung and LG Display should also be confirmed in 2020.

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