NFC-appleThe NFC chip has been integrated in the iPhone 6 since 2014. Initially, the technology was intended only to be used to run Apple Pay, which allows contactless card payments with your phone at the counter or on the go.

However, but the company eventually expanded its use for reading some tags with iOS 11. According to The Information, iOS 12 will release with even more uses of NFC for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The news says that in recent months, Apple employees have used their iPhones and clocks to access restricted areas of the company’s headquarters by just touching the device at the doors to unlock them. Apparently, the engineers decided to release iOS 12 even more uses for the NFC chip of the handsets, which should be integrated into the system as extensions to the Wallet application – currently used to manage cards, tickets and tickets.

Some hotels, for example, already allow doors to open with the iPhone or Apple Watch, but they use their own application and the Bluetooth connection, which is much less safe compared to the NFC. The idea is that by integrating these features into the Wallet, everything works like the Apple Pay: just touch and you’re done. No waste of time looking for the right app.

Another use of Apple Pay that should be released for everyone is the public transportation cards. This is also something that is already possible today, even officially. In the UK and Japan, these cards can be added to Apple Pay, but it all depends on partnerships with Apple. If the rumors are right, any company can integrate its transport card with Wallet into iOS 12 to be used by approach.

IOS 12 will be announced to developers during the initial WWDC 2018 event, which will take place on June 4 at 10 AM Pacific Time. As always, iHelplounge will cover the entire event on that day.

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