Apple to unveil at WWDC 2014 lower-priced models of iMac



Apple to announces at WWDC monoblock model iMac with screen 21.5 inches and 27 inches , reports 9to5Mac. This decision will be oriented to a wider audience of users and is expected to enable the company to capture market share from Windows-based PCs .

The fact that Apple is preparing to update iMac line, increased delivery terms of current models. At the moment, the company promises to deliver Mac monoblock within 3-5 working days , whereas previously deliry time period was within 24 hours .

As suggested by 9to5Mac, Apple will announce the update of the current iMac and submit “budget ” modifications  solution at WWDC 2014 in early June. Of course , lower-price computers “all -in-one ” will not be as powerful as the pricey models and will delivered with less RAM .


It is worth noting that in the Apple lineup already have affordable iMac, distributed under special programs for educational institutions . which range from $1,099, $200 cheaper the usual price of the Apple computer. This model replaces the previous versions priced $999 , focused on educational institutions.


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