Imagination Technologies website reported that Apple has prolonged the license agreement on the use of developments in the field of Imagination Technologies GPUs. More precisely, it is about the objects of intellectual property (IP) family of GPU PowerVR.

According to Imagination Technologies, Apple plans to continue to use it in single-chip GPU systems for mobile devices. We are talking about a “broad lineup of current and future generations of IP- cores of processing video and graphics .”

Apple , in turn, agrees to pay royalties for the use of technology partner. Cupertino-based company uses Imagination Technologies graphics solutions in all its smartphones and tablets , starting with the iPhone 3GS.

Flagship Phone iPhone 5s – one of the last models using graphics capabilities Imagination Technologies. The structure has a unique design includes A7 processors in addition to the two cores four graphics core. The latter represent chetyrehklasternuyu processor version Imagination Technologies PowerVR Series 6 or G6430, which supports OpenGL 3.0, DirectX 10 and OpenCL 1.x.

Apple A7 – not just a central core smartphone , but a complete system -on-chip . Electronic circuits of this type contain several components including computing and graphics cores , memory , cache controllers and managers .

It is noteworthy that although Apple is licensing technology Imagination Technologies, she owns 10% of this company .

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