Not all love to visit medical offices , and it is absolutely just come to mind to go to the doctor if the apparent deviations from health are observed. As it became known , with ” smart” iWatch hours users will be able to determine whether you need a specialist to feel back to normal . From analyst Sun Chang Xu of  Electrical Engineering Times Chinese site, Apple is planning on making a glucose monitor.

According to Chinese newspaper Electrical Engineering Times, Apple is planning to integrate its wearable computer several sensors for monitoring the overall condition of the person , as well as some vital signs of the body. Removing the measurements will be performed using optoelectronics and transferred to a paired with iWatch mobile .

” According to our sources , Apple chose a technology based on light detectors , conventional electrocardiography . The first method allows you to more accurately measure the electrical impulses to the heart rate readout , without direct human intervention . Most ECG products include having multiple contacts , and the user must touch sensors . “

Notes that Apple oximetry sensor smar twatch will consist of two parts: the light-emitting diodes and light detector ( photodetector ) . The light passes through the skin. Blood and tissue absorb a certain amount of light emitted by the sensor, which depends on the degree of oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in blood . The photodetector , in turn , picks up the light transmitted through the tissue and the device calculates the body’s performance .

In addition,  to what was previously written, the iWatch can take parameters such as respiratory rate , oxygen saturation and pulse rate . Making measurements throughout the day , the user can get a picture of your overall health and physical condition.

Apple last year actively hiring medical professionals and experts in fitness . The most logical explanation for this – the company’s intention to turn the clock in a tool that helps the user to monitor health. One of the latest specialist taken command iWatch, has become an expert on medical devices Malini Lamego . At a previous job , he developed a portable instrument for measuring hemoglobin , the oxygen level in the blood and heart rate.

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