Apple has removed the website dedicated to Activation Lock and it seems that this is due to the use of the service illegally by hackers. Activation Lock was an Apple tool, first created for iOS 7 in 2014; This allowed buyers of a used iOS device to check through a computer if the iPhone is still linked to an active account and thus confirm that it was a stolen device.

This tool was available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which was activated automatically the moment a user started to use Search my iPhone, in which only had to enter the IMEI of the device to check the state in which it was Found

Some videos shown provided the generation of a new serial verified as valid using just the Activation Lock. This serial belongs to its rightful owners, could then be used to turn non-functional iPhone or iPad.

Logically we still have options available to check whether or not an iPhone stolen and blocked by iCloud, but the ease with which it could be done on this site remains in the gutter until further notice. In this case MacRumors explains that Apple has removed all the references of this site all support pages.


Activation Lock has been available since the year 2014 and was something that Apple offered to users in a “free” way to see possible iCloud blocks using the MEI or serial number of the device, but now everything is down A little more complicated and it would be interesting to know the details or reasons that have led Apple to close this section

The Cupertino-based company has not confirmed if the hack in question is responsible for the deactivation of the service, but this assumption is quite likely given the dynamics shown in the video bypass the blocking of devices.

It is unclear whether Apple will decide to publish again Activation Lock website, but until then, the company will find a solution to prevent the page from being used illegally and it is unlikely that the website will back online any time soon.

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