Apple To Transit Routing For Subway, Train + Bus Guides in iOS 9 Maps



Initially, the navigation in Apple’s maps app should already be part of iOS 8 by means of public transport. With the approaching concept of iOS Apple takes 9 now again start to implement the useful feature and the navigation inside buildings.

After the presentation of the own card solution and the simultaneous removal of Google Maps as the default mapping application Apple lacked an integrated navigation solution for the use of public transport. Currently, one can choose to instructions for the navigation in the car or on foot either.

A third option allows Apple passing the query from the maps app to external apps that can be downloaded from the Store. This was so far Apple’s way to integrate other services and outsource so the navigation.

With iOS 9, maps app should change now, this according to the sources from 9to5Mac. The new iOS version is intended to allow direct navigation in its own maps app via bus, subway and regular rail links. This will be presented at WWDC in early June as a central update the maps app.

Apple should have this feature already scheduled for a performance in iOS 8 last year, but decided against it at the last moment. As a basic lack of data sources that support be called in only a few cities and personal problems. Internal iOS 8 betas should have included the feature yet last summer.

But now Apple is Other cities added and improved the database. By means of push notification users are informed of newly added cities. Even when staff Apple has reworked as including a profile on LinkedIn (via MacRumors) shows:
LinkedIn Profile Apple Transit Routing Engineer

The new maps app it easier for users to identify important places such as airports or stations in a new Transit view. New furthermore intended to be a planning function for navigation with public transport.

Indoor navigation thanks to robots

Apple, however, has reportedly planned more news for its own maps app. So you want to enable users to navigate through important buildings, offices and attractions.

The idea of ​​this feature this year is not yet certain, but Apple already internally begun to measure their own offices using small robots, which are equipped with iBeacons.

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