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The Apple TV in Amazon top 10

The Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) continues to sell well? Shortly after its release, Apple announced it had passed 250,000 copies of its case.

iTunes and iTunes Extra LP soon on the Apple TV

Apple iTunes when iTunes Extra and LP are playable on Apple TV, an old refrain. Response, inevitably Telegraph: "it happens".

How one can Set up Nito TV on the brand new Apple TV

It's incredible but Nito TV is the first application of the world for the new Apple TV from Apple. And look the other way, this application

NitoTV: First App for the Jailbroken Apple TV 2G

After seeing the DevTeam Jailbreaking the Apple TV, we can already see the first unofficial application for this device. Called NitoTV

Limera1n Can Jailbreak Apple TV 2G!!

jailbreak with Limera1n to iDevices: iPad,iPod Touch and iPhone, recently rumored that Limera1n can jailbreak the 2G Apple TV.

The New Apple TV is Accepting Applications

Now we know that the new Apple TV features iOS 4.1, many of us wait until it is jailbroken. And we can say .. managed to install applications.

Video of Apple TV Jailbreak Using SHAtter !

If you already have an Apple TV or you plan to buy one, I inform you that being a device iOS 4.1 and have the same processor A4