Apple TV 2nd and 3rd generation fix for issues is coming soon

It seems that the latest update of Apple TV 2nd and 3rd generation came with an unexpected problem. For several days, the owners of one of these set-top boxes have begun to experience a bug that makes only applications Computer Music and Settings appearing, disappearing others like Netflix, Hulu and other channels available in these models Apple TV.

Affected users have tried various solutions, all without success. Or restart the device or to reset the router or Apple TV seems to work. A temporary solution is to change the country from the settings, but applications end up disappearing for most users who are experiencing this bug. Something that does work for some users is to change the DNS settings, but the result is the same as in the rest of solutions for many users.

A representative of Apple has already confirmed that they know the problem and will be corrected in a future update system set-top boxes apple second and third generation. With this in mind, the best thing you can do to fix this fault is be patient (difficult when we have a major failure), see if there is an update from the settings and install it.

The Apple TV second and third generation are no longer sold, but Apple will continue to offer support for some time. In the worst case, when they cease to offer support, the Cupertino often respond and release an update of urgency when necessary, so that users who own an Apple TV than the one launched in 2015 can be reassured that this and future problems will be solved.

(Source: Reddit via MacRumors)

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