Apple TV 3 Received 7.2.1 Firmware Update

The good news this time is for users of Apple TV 3. While it is true that all efforts are devoted to fourth generation of the shiny box by the significant progress made and because it was what the public cried out for an Apple TV, we find a sudden updated on Apple TV 3 with which Apple aims to improve certain aspects of this old device still on sale.

Technically, the update has been called iOS 7.2.1, the same code as the previous version of firmware for Apple TV third generation, however, we found some small improvements and bug fixes brought from head to users of Apple TV third generation.

This update is a surprise that will certainly be welcomed by all holders of this edition of Apple TV that many already gave up for dead, in fact it is normal that users feel given completely aside, as TVOS has not stopped receiving updates since its launch and each operation is better and more spectacular. Apple has released a security document in which reminds us that this modification Apple TV firmware includes many security enhancements that affect data in iCloud and other areas.

However, Apple continues to focus efforts on Apple TV fourth generation meets TVOS 9.2 in beta with the intention to include many new features such as folders, iCloud Photo Library, supports Bluetooth keyboards and dictation text. We hope TVOS hand reaches 9.2 iOS 9.3 in March after the presentation of the iPad Pro Mini (Air 3) and iPhone 5se.

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