Apple TV 3 to be available in March along with iPad 3


A lot has been stated in regards to the subsequent era iPad and images which are all over the place the web, unverifiable numerous bunkers of plane, delivery paperwork in Chinese language, the supposed price schedules exhibiting a cost elevate and discount of $ 50 on the iPad 2 in inventory at Perfect Purchase. There will probably be a brand new Apple TV in March revealed.This claim to be "reliable sources" as opposed to 9to5Mac . The statement reinforces previous speculation about the appearance of the new Apple TV. 


The same sources also claim that the iPad 3 indeed in March will be revealed, something that previous rumors being.According to 9to5mac, iPad 3 stocks  are being made ​​around the world to ensure fast availability soon after ​​the announcement (at last count on March 7).


The new Apple TV (the box, not a TV) take him a more powerful chip (an A5 dual core or the famous A5X) for the management of 1080p.

It is reported as a reference iPad, the Wi-Fi model, which would be available in one color, at least at launch. Another reference refers to the presence of an attachment accompanying this iPad 3 and Apple TV, but still undefined nature.

Finally, CNBC reported late in the day that to his knowledge, the iPad 3 would be launched next week, with a processor with four cores and 4G. The place of posting would be New York, but Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, which is used occasionally to unofficial spokesman for Apple (the date of March 7 it was he, and other confirmations or invalidations of rumors in the past) has challenged this last point information from CNBC.


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