While Apple is expected to unveil its new fourth generation Apple TV during the keynote tomorrow, designers  Andrew Ambrosino and Martin Hajek  realized a concept about the shiny set-top box featuring a touchscreen remote control. Rumors suggest that Apple TV would not normally design change too much except a bit more width and thickness. The biggest happening inside with the arrival of a new interface inspired by iOS 9, a new processor, the ability to install iOS apps via a dedicated app store and a new remote with a touchpad.


Still we can dream with this concept where the Apple TV 4 would not be a simple aesthetic evolution but a revolution compared to TV housings competition. The designers have imagined Apple TV 4 more colors resuming those of the iPhone / iPad, where even the touch id is the party for more security.

The Apple logo is illuminated in turn as soon as one turns the Apple TV, instead of small LED current facade. No more plastic finish to make room for the metal that makes up the more rounded frame – same that Apple made its iPhone 6.

While all these features are unlikely, at least for this year, the result is truly stunning! Such a finish would have the effect of increasing the price to almost $300 without exaggeration.


And that’s not to mention the remote control concept that integrates a touch screen sporting a iOS-style interface 9 which is the most beautiful effect. Unfortunately, Apple TV 4 will not be so and that is indeed unfortunate, Apple would have everything to gain!

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