Apple-TV-4All rumors suggest that Apple will launch a new set top box this year. Among their most important innovations are an App Store itself and integration with Siri. From the beginning it was believed that new iPhone would be presented with an iPad and Apple TV 4, which the latest rumors seem to confirm. Yes, it seems that once presented the new set-top box Apple still have to wait about a month to acquire if we want to.

Regarding the price, the new version will have a higher price than the current model. The reason seems to be that it is not a simple upgrade because, besides having its own application store will allow us to do much more than in the previous model, also feature the voice virtual assistant with a touch command. Logically, one of the first uses that comes to mind when speaking of the application store and the touch control is that in the not too distant future, games will also come to the Apple TV

According to sources, at present they are being considered two prices: $149 or $199. Knowing Apple, it is quite likely to choose the higher price of the two, a price that would love to be wrong, will increase in the exchange rate / area. Considering that the current model is €79  in Europe and $69 in the US, it makes sense to pass $199 to about €219 to cross the pond.

With respect to size, is expected to Apple TV 4 is a little thicker and wider than the Apple TV 3 and is moved by the A8 SoC processor that also moves the current iPhone models. Logically, the memory will also be enlarged, but has not been mentioned so far. Having 128GB and iPhone is easy to think that the Apple TV 4 have an equal or greater capacity.

If the Apple TV 4 comes with its own App Store, with games, with web browser with Siri, etc.

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