Announced a few days ago, the LiberTV jailbreak  for Apple TV 4 running on tvOS 9.1 or 10.1 has been already released.  First of all, LiberTV is a program released by developer Jonathan Levin. The program, to run, is based on Yalu jailbreak, ie the method which was published by the Italian Luca Todesco. The interesting thing is that, unlike the Todesco tool, this LiberTV does everything automatically, or nearly so, making the simple jailbreak even for inexperienced users.

What you should know about LiberTV?

If you are willing to do the jailbreak your Apple TV 4 with LiberTV, you should know that:

  • The tool supports tvOS 9.1-10.1 inclusive. That’s right, even tvOS 9.1 snuck into the party, the sly dog!
  • tvOS 10.1.1 (current version at the time of writing) is not supported. Please, no questions about support for that firmware.
  • It’s semi-tethered, meaning you must re-jailbreak on each reboot. However, compared to an iOS device this is less of an issue, as most people leave the Apple TV on standby when not in use and rarely unplug/restart it.
  • It does not include Cydia as this would require Saurik’s input, but theoretically could run it.
  • It could support Cydia Substrate for tweaks and themes, but again, Levin will not be working on that personally.
  • nitoTV for LiberTV is in the works, but should not currently be installed as it has been causing serious problems. A fix is on the way, so wait for news on that.
  • LiberTV can disable auto-updates for Apple TV when installed, and also features the Dropbear SSH client.

When the Apple TV 4  jailbreak might not seem particularly interesting for many of you, but if you’re willing to do it, with LiberTV you can easily reach your goal. After the release of LiberTV jailbreak, then, developers will be activated to release tweak also compatible with Apple TV 4 and consequently the jailbreak will become more interesting and useful.

Just a shame that at the moment the collection of nitoTV packages is not compatible with this jailbreak, otherwise the speech you would make a lot more interesting. But I think it’s a matter of time before all the packages to be updated to be compatible with the jailbreak Apple TV 4. It remains to prove the compatibility of this LiberTV jailbreak with Cydia Sybstrate to figure out if some tweak developed for iPhone and iPad can also run on Apple TV 4.

In short, while we have the jailbreak for Apple TV 4. Now it’s up to developers to get to work to release tweak compatible with this jailbreak. If you want to try to do the jailbreak Apple TV 4, you can download from here and install it on your Apple TV 4 via Cydia Impactor.

I suggest reading LiberTV FAQ for more details.




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