Apple TV 4 Not To Support 4K Video



Apple rumored to release a new model of its set-top box Apple TV. However, this should not be able to issue a 4K image. BuzzFeed claims to have learned from a source close to Apple that Apple is a 4K image indeed feel as great. “But it is still in its infancy.” Because of this, the fourth generation of Apple TV will continue apparently “only” can spend a full HD image.

It is rumored that the new Apple TV as well as the current iPhone and iPad models have an Apple-A8 chip, which actually can handle 4K video. Apparently, however, does not hold Apple support at the current time but useful – which is available in 4K resolution material is actually still manageable, and only a few customers have internet connections with which 4K could stream live.

Apple is expected after the current location information in the summer, the Apple TV – perhaps as part of the WWDC in June – imagine. At the same time, the company is a new TV streaming service for the United States to announce that then just yet should not provide a 4K image.

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