Apple-TV-4As part of the upcoming WWDC Apple will introduce a revolutionary new generation of its allegedly set-top box Apple TV. The recent rumors about the Apple TV 4 we have summarized below.

Until now, Apple’s set-top box Apple TV rather than a “hobby” of the iPhone manufacturer, although it is selling like hotcakes. It ranks for years at the top of the sales charts of online retailers and retailers, probably due to the relatively low price for a set-top box with Apple stamp.

A few weeks ago,  Apple lowered the price of Apple TV from $99 to $69. This price reduction seems part of an interesting strategy, particularly in regard to recent rumors, which we have summarized below.


Apple TV 4 At WWDC

As part of its Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled for June 8 to 12, Apple will introduce a new generation of supposedly Apple TV. Hardware and software should be clearly distinguishable from all previous versions.

It would be the first Apple TV generation, which will be presented at WWDC. This suggests that new features are introduced that are relevant for app developers.

New hardware, new Design


he new Apple TV comes with a completely new hardware and redesigned, already considered to be virtually certain.

Already last year, this new hardware with the new Identifier AppleTV4,1 announced the one found in the depths of iOS 7.

How it works: Apple changes the identifier number before the decimal place only when hardware changes fundamentally. Only the number changed after the decimal point, it is a minor upgrade of the existing hardware.

The current generation of Apple TV from January 2013 carries the identifier AppleTV3,2. The previous generation was launched in March 2012, had AppeTV3,1.

3.2 and 3.1 differ only in a slightly modified Apple A5 SoC. Apart from that, they are identical.

AppleTV4,1 thus means that the hardware is changed fundamentally.



Apple A8

The new Apple TV to the A8 SoC potter, the same chip that is used as A8X the iPad Air 2 used in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and in a slightly modified form.

The A8 is a 64-bit SoC with 1.4GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and LPDDR3 quad-core graphics unit. For the current tasks of the Apple TV this chip would be absolute overkill. Since the current built-A5 would suffice.

Also, there is talk of even more space. The current generation comes out with 8 GB, which is more than enough for streaming content and occasional software updates. More space and a current processor with faster graphics, however, are for the following features very front edge.


App Store

The App Store on Apple TV users wish for many years. Now is the time to be ripe, partly because now there are the necessary conditions, such as HomeKit.

HomeKit – Home Automation

qqIt is intended to serve as a standard for this kind of applications, so at some point no longer needed an app for the lights, a second and a third for heating, for example, the garage door.

HomeKitDas new Apple TV will serve as a sort of hub for the HomeKit.
HomeKit is Apple’s platform for home automation. What is HealthKit for Health app, fitness apps and Apple Watch, should HomeKit for the well-coming “home” app, Hue Philips lamps *, Belkin Wemo * and all other existing home automation systems.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons for the recent price drop of Apple TV *.

If this home control functions can be provided together with HomeKit for the current generation of products via software update, there would be a blow to millions of users with a HomeKit hub in their living room.


siriApple TV with Siri  voice-controlled assistant, currently available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad,  is  now probably be integrated on the Apple TV. It is thus not only search for movies, but possibly also control HomeKit with voice commands. This requires a microphone that Apple could either be directly integrated into the set-top box or in the new remote control. “Hey Siri, turn off the lights” or “Hey Siri, turn the heating down to 18 degrees” sounds good.

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