During the launch of the fourth generation of Apple TV, one of the highlights was the screensaver, a list of videos recorded in Full HD that showed us recorded passages drone view of a few cities: London, Hawaii and San Francisco. The Cupertino guys have just updated the videos that are part of screen savers by adding up to 21 new elements from China, Dubai, Greenland, Hong Kong, Lisa (United Arab Emirates) and Los Angeles. These screen savers are now available worldwide and will be downloaded according to the configuration of your device. These screensavers are displayed randomly according to the time of day in which we are. After the jump we show you how you can download them.

These screensavers are located on Apple servers, so we can make use of an application to enjoy these screen savers on our Mac, thanks to the application Aerial Saver, a small application available in GitHub and that allows us to use these animated screen savers .You can download them directly from Apple servers and view them whenever you want through the following links. In order to download them, we just have to right click on the number and select Download linked file.

Los Angeles (LA 1LA 2LA 3LA 4)

Dubai (D 1D 2D 3D 4D 5D 6)

Greenland (GL 1GL 2GL 3)

Hong Kong (HK 1HK 2HK 3HK 4)

Liwa (L 1)

China (CN 1CN 2CN 3).

Keep in mind that these videos are recorded in 1080p, so you will need enough space if you want to download them to your device. These funds we can use in our Smart TV when we are going to receive a visit if we do not want the contents of the TV can distract us from the same, although seeing the quality of these screensavers.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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