Apple TV 4K Teardown Shows A10X Processor Cooling System


.apple tv 4k

iFixit got its hands on the new Apple TV 4K to find out all the hardware secrets. Here are the details…In the new Apple TV with  4K HDR support, there is an improved processor (A10X Fusion)  as well as an unparalleled cooling system never used by Apple before. As you can see from the image above, the fan integrated in this model had never been plugged into other Apple TVs. The thermal solution adopted by Apple includes this fan combined with a heat sink and an EMI shield. The highlight of this new set top box model is that in addition to the new 64-bit A10X processor and the 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM, the fifth generation Apple TV adds a larger heatsink and fan.

Inside, there are the Broadcom Thunderbolt chip and the Gigabit Etnerhet chip, plus 3 GB of Hynix RAM, a custom memory controller, a Murata Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, Toshiba flash memory and a Megachips FisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0. The flash memory of Toshiba is 32GB in the model they have disassembled in iFixit and the score they give us in regards to possible repairs is 8 out of 10. Eye, we are talking that this Apple TV is fairly simple to repair at all aspects except for the usual, all the main components are soldered to the logic board, ie if we have any failure in any of the internal components such as the processor, memory, HDMI connector or similar, it will touch replace the entire board or solder.


The level of repairability is 8 out of 10, a very high vote that confirms the ease of replacing the various pieces of Apple TV. Among the negatives in terms of repairability, the modular power supply and Torx screws are used inside and outside. The various components are welded to the logic board.

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