After unveiling the iPad pro, The long awaited Apple TV is finally introduced featuring a new UI, Siri, App Store, and new redesigned remote control with a glass touch surface up top, voice and touch are both key here.


All the rumors are confirmed; The touchpad on the remote makes it easier to navigate the carousel and getting an idea how specific is Siri search now, for instance:  skip back 10-15 seconds and let you re-watch what you just missed, also pull in other information, like sports scores, without having to exit whatever movie you’re watching.

As mentioned above, it comes with a remote that has a touchpad to allow us to control some actions by sliding your finger as we do with an iPhone or iPad. And best of this touch pad is that it is not a screen like the iPhone, if it is not completely dark, which does not cause the battery to run down quickly as we might fear.

Apple TV

Apple TV 4

Among the specs, it has the 64 bit A8 chip,  Ethernet, HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0, volume control…. and tvOS beta opens today to developers.

Release date and Price

The release date  for the Apple TV is set for ships in October in over 80 countries .Two models: 32GB for $149 and 64GB for $199. Existing Apple TV will continue on for $69.



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