Apple continues its usual pace of updates ahead of the final version this Fall, as is the case with every release, we saw the iOS 5 beta 8 and 5 of the Developer Preview OS X Yosemite and now know that the beta 4 for Apple TV is here too.
The novelty out of beta 4 for Apple TV is the premiere of its new interface, to catch up with that seen from iOS 7 and now with OS X Yosemite, giving consistency to Apple devices.

The Apple TV device was the only thing missing to upgrade to the new interface, which since its launch has retained the design of iOS 6, so this time we’ll see the familiar face wash with gradients, flat icons and new source font.

So far it is the only change that is reported, in addition to iCloud and Sharing Family Photos released in previous betas, but as we saw, these updates are only available to the third generation of Apple TV.

It is gratifying that Apple is not leaving his box entertainment, although not has great features like its competitors, has a loyal fan base, who hope to keep seeing new additions and if the rumors are true, we could see the Siri through iOS devices with an updated Remote application.

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