Apple TV celebrates The Beatles 50th anniversary with a new channel



In February ’64 , when John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr went down off the plane at JFK airport , it became clear – ” British Invasion ” took place .

In honor of the momentous event , Apple has released an update for the set-top box Apple TV, which includes a new app The Beatles. Program for a limited time is possible to view the group ‘s debut performance in the television show ” The Ed Sullivan Show ” , held 50 years ago. Besides the application of available collections and albums legendary band .

The Beatles group was formed in 1960, it consisted of John Lennon , Paul McCartney, George Harrison and drummer Peter Best, but in 1962 he was replaced by Ringo Starr ( Richard Starkey ) . Liverpool natives were able to achieve a resounding success , and their music is still very popular around the world.

Fab Four received international recognition in 1963 after a single Please, please Me. Beatles became the first British group , which gained popularity plate and first place in the U.S. spells , which was the official start of ” the British conquest of ” world music.

In 1968, the group founded in the UK record label Apple Records, under which later also recorded Billy Preston , James Taylor , Mary Hopkin and other musicians .

The Beatles stopped working together in 1970 , although since 1967, McCartney and Lennon were their own projects . After the collapse of the group they were engaged in a solo career. December 8, 1980 , died John Lennon – he was shot outside his home in New York. November 29, 2001 , died from cancer George Harrison . Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr , and now engaged in creative work , write music and perform concerts at home and abroad.

Update for Apple TV with the application automatically applies The Beatles : new content is loaded with connecting devices to the Internet . It is noteworthy that hits The Beatles appeared in the iTunes store only in 2010 , after lengthy negotiations EMI and Apple. In the first week it sold 2 million songs and 450,000 albums in the first two months , these figures have risen to 5,000,000 and 1,000,000 , respectively.

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