Apple TV Fifth-Gen To Go Into Production In Early 2016



Apple released a new version of its set-top box just over a month ago. The new fourth generation Apple TV comes with important new features like the A8 processor, 2GB of RAM, the own App Store or Remote control Siri, which make him very different from previous versions major overhaul. Well, it seems that in Cupertino think it is not enough and it would be testing a small number of fifth-generation Apple TV, a model that also come with important developments with respect to the current version.

The information comes from Digitimes, citing the assembly line in Taiwan. The first units were and would manufacture in this December, starting mass production in early 2016. If true, it would be the first time that Apple renews its set-top box in such a short time, since until now always been renewed every 2-3 years. The question is what is the reason that Apple would be interested in launching this new version soon?

For now it’s just a rumor that can not be taken as official information, but it is expected that the new Apple TV will have a powerful processor which would enable it to improve its performance. If confirmed, it is possible that this new device is not an evolution of Apple TV 4, if not a kind of Pro or Plus model, so to speak.


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