Apple TV Fifth-Generation To Be Compatible With 4k



Apple is planning an Apple TV with support for 4K content this year, according to Bloomberg. Apple is working on a new version of its set-top box Apple TV fifth-generation. This will provide support for ultra high-definition streams and better color reproduction.. The launch is scheduled for year-end, with a device able to support even more vivid and natural. Along with many other original content that is producing Apple, so the company wants to improve its hardware sector by releasing a dedicated Apple TV that supports 4K technology, which It is becoming more and more global.

The current Apple TV, which price start at $150, a product that was born out of many compromises. So Apple was initially planning to Apple TV to create a complete replacement for the cable box television providers. is also envisaged to provide with a game controller in order to compete with the PlayStation and Xbox.

But it did not, to save costs and because the TV and telecom companies did not cooperate in support of the Apple TV. 4K support was previously removed by Apple because there was need for a more expensive processor and that the margin would have left. The omission of the game controller had to do it, set the sources.

Apple would also have considered a more ambitious software design, with a special format for playing videos, music and games. Now Apple TV software resembles iOS software on iPhones and iPads, with a home screen full of app icons.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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