Apple TV+ has the highest 4K streaming content quality ever


According to tests conducted by FlatpanelsHD founder Rasmus Larsen, Apple TV+ platform has the highest 4K video streaming quality compared to streaming services that support this format.

“Apple TV+ has highest the streaming quality we’ve seen for 4K so far. It’s higher than most iTunes movies. Over the weekend, I took the first batch of measurements. I’m planning to do more later. It’s worth pointing out that Apple TV+ uses variable bitrate with a quite wide span from low to top, so the console must run for some time to calculate the average bitrate.”

Larsen says that Apple TV+ offers higher quality 4K streaming than most movies on iTunes, based on the average bitrate variable used by the service.

“See has the highest bitrate so far. 29 Mb/s average video bitrate and 41 Mb/s video peak (I don’t know if it hits that occasionally or rarely, since the console only reports average and peak). The Elephant Queen averages around 26 Mb/s for video bitrate. It’s great to see Apple making 4K Dolby Vision the new default and Snoopy hits relatively high bitrates considering that it’s a cartoon.”

According to Larsen, Apple TV+ offers 1.5 to 2 times the video bitrate of a Blu-ray HD disc and about half of a typical UHD Blu-ray disc. Compared to other streaming services, Netflix 4K bitrate seems to reach a maximum at around 16 Mb/s, although Netflix requires a 25 Mb/s connection for streaming 4K content.

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