Apple TV on a monitor without HDMI connection with Kanex ATV Pro


The Apple TV is Apple now not most effective touted as definitely the right set-high field for dwelling. At work or at school the cupboard can be a godsend. That you can certainly your iPhone or iPhone wirelessly to 'replicate' and '. There’s best a realistic objection: on many workplace or faculty putting projectors that aren’t required HDMI connection. Kanex cable maker now has an answer: the ATV Professional

Apple tv HDMI

If you want to connect an Apple TV on a screen can only do through a HDMI cable. Now there are plenty of people on a monitor without HDMI connections that enable an Apple TV can do nothing for them. Kanex has therefore developed a device so you also can connect Apple TV with a VGA cable.

The device is simple to use, you stop the HDMI cable into the Apple TV itself and stops the VGA cable into the Kanex ATV Pro. This lets you use an Apple TV is still on the older monitors.The Kanex ATV Pro supports a resolution up to 1080 and contains a VGA connector is a 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack.

Kanex ATV Pro is here available for a price of $ 59.99.

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