Apple TV to have a Special Apple Chip Like the iPhone


The Apple TV is rumored release will be like the iPhone and iPad run on dedicated chips . There will be no use of standard chips that are already available, such as Intel. According to Digitimes, who often in the news recently with Apple TV rumors, thinks that three parties are eligible to make the chips, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering and Silicon Precision Industries True. They are together engaged in a race, who may m
ake the chip.


In the current Apple TV, which is not television, but rather a set-top box, all the A4 processor Apple uses. Apple would have a contract with TSMC to produce the next generation A6 and A7 processors for the iPhone and iPad. It is possible that the Apple TV is also running. Previously did rumors that Samsung would supply the chips.

The Apple TV would be made ​​by Foxconn, the same company that also iPhone, iPad and most other Apple devices produce. The hardware standards were in the second quarter of 2012 have been adjusted. Then mass occur. With the iPhone and iPad, Apple follows a similar approach.


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