Apple TV tvOS hacked to show iOS-like app folders



Apple released the first beta of tvOS 9.1 to developers earlier this week, but still lacked important feature that many users had requested: support for folders on the home page as happens on iOS. A well-known developer Steve Troughton-Smith, has discovered, however, that the user interface of tvOS already has support “fairly complete” folder.

Smith has dug deeper into tvOS build of 9.0 and was also able, thanks to a hack to enable folders. At that point he “played a little ‘with this function” then sharing the images function on Twitter. Smith noted how users would be able also to appoint folders just like iOS, and not just use the names suggests that Apple into the categories which are cataloged applications on the App Store.

To delete an application from a folder, you should simply press the play / pause key on the remote control. Folders seem to offer a 3 × 3 configuration, which means that you could get 9 applications on a single page.

img_04051 img_0403

It is not clear if and when Apple plans to enable folders on tvOS, but the fact that the function is already in the first build of tvOS 9.0 means that the company is, at least, experiencing the solution. And ‘The media folder is coming with 9.1 tvOS and simply not yet been activated in the first beta, although it is possible that the function will be postponed tvOS 10 or that it is never officially implemented at all.

Apple has already introduced a couple of minor changes on the App tvOS because the device fourth generation launched last week, has now seen the addition of categories and Top Charts but, while these features could be added by Apple in the background , the addition of folders should ask for an original or revision of the operating system.

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