Apple TV Update Brings YouTube and Four New Channels




The YouTube app was recently added on Apple TV with the latest update. Specifically, it is a port of the current version of the Xbox, the streaming box from Apple. We find various innovations, particularly in terms of the search function, which has been completely redesigned. This new version of YouTube provides the ability to connect to their account, and use it as a computer.

The user will therefore subscribe to channels, and interact with the community. On the other hand, Google has (unfortunately) decided to add advertisements in this update. The firm, however ingeniously incorporated them, as they will not be available immediately. The spots will appear after watching some videos without commercials: a good way to prepare the user for the arrival of the ads.

Finally we note the appearance of four new channels in the menu of the Apple TV. This is Dailymotion, Fusion, The Scene and UFC. We suggest you watch the video below to learn more about YouTube update

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