Apple TV with iOS, Siri and FaceTime is huge opportunity for Apple


Closing weekend it’s good to from fragments of the Steve Jobs biography already deduce that jobs understood how he must make an HDTV. One that’s simple to make use of and eliminates all of the frustrations of these days's televisions.In the meantime rumors circulating that Apple is if truth be told already engaged on prototypes for such a home console . Its launch is supposedly scheduled for late 2012. 


 The renowned analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray in September would have heard of Asian component makers. However, only today he dared to write in a note to investors.

It is a HD-TV with Internet access, which since February 2009 rumors about. You can play iTunes content with and access the App Store. Such an HDTV comes slowly: in 2013, the 3 percent contribution to the total turnover of the company. But given that in 2012 106 million Internet TVs will be sold, it is a huge market. Apple can sell year 1.4 million units.

Especially if Apple also icloud and voice control add-Siri, Munster sees it all down. From icloud you can access your TV shows, photos and movies. Siri makes sure you can control the device, simply by the name of an actor or series name. It follows on Jobs' remarks that such television "simplest user will have that you can imagine." According to Munster, Apple is to invest in production facilities for LCD screens with a size of 50 inches. If Apple also FaceTime video chat and access to build in the App Store, they have a strong position in the market. Which has a market size of $ 100 billion .

Securities analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga is also certain that Apple is working on a HDTV.Prototypes already circulating in the factories in China, but are in an early test stage. Apple already sells the Apple TV costing $ 99, more like a set-top box can be seen. But there is little money to earn such a cheap device. According to White, the Apple TV is actually an update this year, but has been delayed because the Apple TV system. When Apple HDTV are much better profit opportunities. Apple can ask a premium price, compared to the competition. Such a Smart TV is two to three times as expensive as a normal LCD TV. Customers will not care about the price because they have a nice design, and extensive digital ecosystem quality in return.

Apple may also iAd-advertising platform on the Apple HDTV use. Developers currently active in the App Store can earn extra money games can be played on television. Game Center also connect to it, plus an App Store in terms of content that is better suited to television.Remarkably, Apple's biggest competitor Google totally unsuccessful to date with the Google TV


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