Apple to Release Universal Apps for iOS and macOS in 2021, Says Bloomberg


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if you are iOS or MacOS developers you are in luck, and everything seems to point to finally see a development system compatible with both platforms for 2021. After the jump, we tell you all the details of this important news …

Bloomberg just published it. Apple would be thinking about talking about this compatibility between systems at the end of this year 2019, news that would give way to June 2020 where Apple would launch the development kit for both platforms. The timing of this important release would be completed in the year 2021, which would be when we could start to see the first applications compatible with all Apple devices.

It is true that this already exists on platforms such as Windows, but nobody can deny the stability of Apple operating systems. an iOS and a macOS that make the devices sell. What’s more to say, if Apple had unstable operating systems it would not sell its devices. The integration between iOS and macOS is a difficult goal to achieve, but it will be achieved. It will be the moment in which we can have a single App Store where we will see what devices these applications will be compatible with.

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